I am a college lecturer, tutor, and mentor based in the Midwest.  With over ten years’ experience in higher education teaching settings, I focus primarily on composition and writing studies, though I am also highly competent and experienced in teaching communication, creative writing, humanities, and theatre studies.   With over thirty-five individual course preps, eighty courses individually taught, and experience at twelve different institutions in urban, suburban, and rural areas (including community college, state university, private college, online, hybrid, dual-enrollment, and others), I am an instructor of intense diversity and pedagogical aptitude.

My primary focus as an instructor is student success, based on department and institutional outcomes.  I have extensive experience with online support platforms, online teaching, and curriculum development and implementation.  My course evaluations reflect my commitment to student success and overall course effectiveness, as do my recommendations from my colleagues, mentors, and employers. 

I am available for instruction, consulting, curriculum development and resources, and mentorship.

Please see my CV, teaching philosophy, and LinkedIn for further information, or email me at my general address below.

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TEACHING PHILOSOPHY:Download Teaching Philosophy


CONTACT: arwenamitchell@ gmail . com